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Build, deploy and manage apps in the cloud. HTML/JS - JS backend - JSON database 😍

Build your business in the Docly cloud

Docly is a toolbox and platform for building your business in the cloud. Develop web applications and websites for customers or your own business. Unleash your potential. The possibilities are huge - whether you are a driven coder or you are a web enthusiast who wants to reach a new level.

The platform is fully set up and the tools are open and easy to use. We've already taken care of all the difficult things. We're happy to help you get started - and we can also work with you on solutions. Alternatively, if desired, we can also deliver a turnkey solution quickly and efficiently. Below are some examples of typical Docly solutions:

  • Online proposal generators and calculation tools
  • Checklists, forms, and document templates
  • Efficient databases for countless applications
  • Online planning and project tools
  • Integrated help pages and online documentation solutions
  • Websites, web portals and online stores
  • Intranet solutions

It's simple - and it's fun

The use of JavaScript backend means - if you are proficient or have some experience with JS, you can get started right away. Use the links DOCLY HELP PAGES and DEV PAGES below. Built-in features make configuration, customization, and programming easy. You'll find ready-made modules and templates that you can customize and build your own solutions from. Do everything yourself - or contact us for the help you need.

  • HTML/JS, JS backend and JSON database
  • Online code editor
  • JSON database with visual form designer
  • Well-organized and simple setup for code administration
  • Library with code examples, application templates, and solution modules

Modules and templates

In Docly, you will find a wide range of ready-made modules and templates that you can customize and use to build your solutions exactly the way you want them. This provides a starting point that saves a lot of time and contributes to high quality. Get in touch, and we will give you the help you need to get started.

  • Build with pre-fabricated modules
  • Use ready-made templates
  • Modify and customize modules and templates
  • Create customer-specific modules and templates

Integration and APIs

Integration and APIs are essential components of modern web development. In Docly you can create your own JSON Web APIs with Javascript - and easily integrate your application with other web services and third-party platforms. This allows you to take advantage of the functionality and data that these services offer, making your application more powerful and versatile.

JSON Web APIs are incredibly flexible and easy to work with, as they use a simple and lightweight format for data exchange. This means that developers can quickly and easily create APIs that meet the specific needs of their applications, without having to worry about complex data formats or protocols. A significant step forward in the world of API development.